Andrew MacKay

Hi there!

I’m looking forward to the chance to work with you and your creative energy! This is an exciting new endeavour that is in development, and I’m hopeful that your participation will be beneficial to you and at the same time will allow the project methods to be refined and improved.

To start off I ask that you send me an email with details about the work you do as well as the particular block(s) you are experiencing. We will also arrange a day and time that will work for you for our distance session. During that scheduled time, if possible, I recommend you find somewhere comfortable to sit where you won’t be interrupted. I will be able to complete the distance session with you regardless of whether you are able to dedicate the time to it, but if you are able to clear your schedule and sit in stillness you will be more likely to be able to perceive the work that is happening, and possibly notice things in yourself that could be helpful as part of the process. I will clear my mind and energy pathways before our session, which will help open me up to receiving any available information, as well as deliver healing as needed. We won’t be directly in communication during that session time but the energy will flow between us. The average length of a session is about 20 minutes but could be longer or shorter depending on the movement of the energy and what is needed in your specific circumstances.

After the session is completed I will provide feedback to you by email about what I experienced during our time together. This could include things such as the general feel of the energy movement, as well as specific spots within your body that contain blockages, which may be related to the creative block you have been experiencing. I would also very much like to hear about anything you experienced during the session as well. In addition I will provide instructions for things that you can do on your own, for the 3 days following our initial session, to help with the healing of any blockage(s) that are uncovered.

After the 3 days have been completed I would very much like to hear about your experience with the program. What worked for you, what didn’t work, if there are additional things that could be included to make the experience even more valuable. This is very much in the testing phase so any insights or suggestions you have will be very helpful in improving the project, and determining the overall path to its delivery. There will be no charge for sessions completed during this initial testing phase of the project.

  • Please let me know dates/times that would be preferable for our session together, as well as the time zone you live in.
  • Also please provide any details about the work you do as well as the particular block(s) you are experiencing and what you would ideally like to get out of our session together,

To schedule your session or ask any additional questions you can email me at

Looking forward,