Art Is Blind


Q - What is™?
A - Art Is Blind™ is a website to showcase the paintings and other creative pursuits of Andrew MacKay.

Q - Where are you from?
A - I live in the city of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Canada. I grew up in Caledon East Ontario. I also spend time at the family cottage on Basswood Lake, just north of Thessalon ON.

Q - What is it that you do?
A - I enjoy many things, one of which is applying acrylic paint to canvas or other surfaces in a way that pleases me. Some people consider it art.

Q - Do you consider yourself an artist?
A - Good question - let's start with one of the definitions from Wikipedia - "A person who creates art" - we'll leave the argument of what exactly art is for another time so, yes.

Q - What subject matter do you paint?
A - The majority of my paintings are abstract or abstract landscapes. The influence of nature is a recurring theme.

Q - What media do you use when you paint?
A - The paintings are done using acrylic paints on various surfaces. These include canvas (stretched over a wooden frame), "canvas panels" (which are a hardboard approximately 1/8" thick), as well as plywood. A combination of brushes and knives are used to apply the paint. The media used in a particular piece is listed with its photo on this web site.

Q - Where do you get the inspiration for your paintings?
A - I find it easiest to paint when surrounded by nature. The creativity flows much more freely, so I tend to do a lot of painting while spending time at the family cottage in Northern Ontario, as well in the studio in our home.

Q - Do you sell your paintings?
A - Yes, if a painting is marked as "available" then it is available for sale. If there is one you are interested in then please contact me.

Q - What does "Private Collection" mean?
A - This is used to indicate that a painting has been sold or given as a gift, and is therefore no longer available for sale.

Q - Can you ship a painting to me if I purchase it?
A - Yes, if you purchase a painting and would like to have it shipped to you this can be arranged. The cost of shipping and handling will be provided to you at the time. This will cover the cost of the packaging, shipping and insurance of the item and will depend on the size/weight of the item and the location it will be shipped to. Alternatively you can pick up your painting from my home/studio in Sault Ste Marie.

Q - Do you offer a money back guarantee?
A - Art is a very personal thing so if you are in any way unhappy with the painting you purchase I will be happy to refund the purchase price upon receiving it back in its original condition, within 30 days of purchase. Any shipping/handling charges are the responsibility of the customer.






But art is blind and
lovers cannot see

The pretty follies
that themselves commit;

- Shakespeare
   (with apologies)